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Bolsa para ropa y calzado de caza. Realizada con 3 capas, especialmente formuladas para mantener y sellar la contaminación de la ropa con olores externos.
Cierre amplio con dos cremalleras heavy duty y dos asas para su transporte.

  • This scent bag's durable nylon outer and inner layers enclose a specially formulated foil that locks out foreign odors and locks in cover scents
  • SCENT BAG: The double zipper system finishes off the time tested design of this HUNTERS SPECIALTIES scent control bag
  • SCENT FREE BAGS FOR HUNTING CLOTHES: With a large a mount of internal storage for multiple sets of clothing, hunters with this bag are ready to go for any situation
  • SCENT BLOCKER BAG FOR HUNTING ACCESSORIES: Inside mesh pockets keep gear organized and keep base layers, mid layers, camo outer layers, socks, hunting gloves, hunting hats and camo hats, camo facemasks and hunting facemasks, and camo netting scent-free


60,00 €Precio
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