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Uno de los blinds más grandes del mercado, con espacio para 4-5 personas lo que le hace ideal para grabaciones profesionales o familiares o donde pretendemos meter 4-5 personas.

The Feather Five is a lightweight 5-sided blind. It features a spacious interior of 36.3 square feet but only weighs 17 lb. The 5-sided shape allows for comfortable group hunts. Experience unrivaled viewing from the blind with panoramic windows and a rear peek window for additional viewing. Included with the Feather Five are detachable blaze orange safety panels to utilize the blind during hunting season.Lightweight 5 - sided blind, extra room without the extra weightTwo vertical corner doors allow for entire wall panel to flip up for easy load in of gearZipperless windows for noise-free adjustmentShoot-through mesh for broadhead use onlyRear peek windows for additional viewingIncludes detachable blaze orange safety panels for use during hunting seasonIncludes carry bag, ground stakes and tie-down ropes


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